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[software]NET Traffic Meter - http://www.kctoolbox.tk
This tool allows you to monitor the traffic on a network or modem interface. You can monitor your volume, down and upload rates, view general statistics and measure specifications of your interface. You can export statistics as a Rich Text document, analyze traffic with the stopwatch function, configure alerts and audio notifications, and customize the traffic meter.
Keywords: NET Traffic Meter; Internet; Monitoring; Network; NET Traffic Meter
Downloads: 95
[software]DraftSurvey .NET - http://www.draftsurvey.net
This is a draft survey calculation program for Ships' Officers and Marine Surveyors. DraftSurvey.NET is operated using either keyboard or mouse. It complies with the latest UN ECE standards for draft surveying and can print reports.
Keywords: DraftSurvey .NET; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; DraftSurvey .NET
Downloads: 150
[software]Net Message - http://users.pandora.be/Grrrippp
Send messages across the network, using the Windows Messenger Service, without the need for a client install to receive the messages. The program provides message interception, history of sent and received messages, and alias support. It can also be started from the command line to send bulk messages to recipients from a text file. It supports sending of large messages by splitting them in multiple files and joining them back together...
Keywords: Net Message; Internet; Communications; LAN messengers; Net Message
Downloads: 49
[software]ScriptWorx.NET - http://www.softlite.net/
Create dynamic, database-driven Web sites. This is an independent .NET Web development environment for producing Web applications and services. Integration of data with Web sites is largely automated with wizards designed to work for the .NET platform. With standards-agnostic support, the program makes accessible the power of .NET with XML and reduces the volume of code needed to produce production-level applications and services...
Keywords: ScriptWorx.NET; Internet; Web building tools; Development; scriptworx.net
Downloads: 79
[software]Net-It Now - http://www.infograph.com/
This client-side utility converts any Windows-based file CSF format, and lets users add visual rights and security, including password protection, expiration dates and feature restrictions. You can publish files directly to a Web page with the embedded viewer, or attach files directly to e-mail messages.
Keywords: Net-It Now; Business; Office; Desktop publishing; Net-It Now
Downloads: 37
[software]Net Send Lite - http://www.rjlsoftware.com/software/utility/netsend/
This is a small utility that uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send network messages. With Net Send Lite you can send messages to a specific username, computer name or domain and workgroup on your network. Net Send Lite includes options for footers on every message, saving the last user sent to, clearing the message after sending and setting the Enter key to send the message by default...
Keywords: Net Send Lite; Internet; Communications; LAN messengers; Net Send Lite
Downloads: 88
[software]Net Newz - http://www.net-newz.com
This program gathers information and notifies you when your favorite Web sites are updated.
Keywords: Net Newz; Internet; Monitoring; Web site; Net Newz
Downloads: 33
[software]VSPD.net - http://www.eltima.com/products/vspdnet/
This utility emulates a null-modem cable on computers located on a TCP/IP LAN or connected to the Internet.
Keywords: VSPD.net; Internet; Network protocols; Terminal emulation; VSPD.net
Downloads: 33
[software]InstallAnywhere.NET - http://www.ZeroG.com
This is a Windows Installer authoring tool that allows developers to analyze installation logs and troubleshoot problems during MSI package authoring, and provides an early problem-detection system that catches errors before installation packages are deployed. InstallAnywhere.NET can also be integrated directly into an automated build process using an extensive COM-based interface and command-line build options...
Keywords: InstallAnywhere.NET; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools; InstallAnywhere NET
Downloads: 53
[software]KudoZ.NET - http://www.kudoz.net
This program combines intelligent and flexible Internet searching and KudoZ functions. The program is a crucial element of the translator's collaboration network at the core of the ProZ.com community. This program not only helps you to translate, but you can can also use it to help others. You can build your own team and start a team network.
Keywords: KudoZ.NET; Business; Education and reference; Language tools; KudoZ.NET
Downloads: 24
[software]NET Manager - http://www.phillums.co.uk/netmanager
This program lets you enter the details of your networked computers to a list. Individual computers are represented by icons with names that you specify. To perform functions on a computer, simply select it and use the buttons at the bottom of the main screen to watch or control the computer, map one of its share points, ping it or send a message to it. It also comes with a complete online help system to show you how to use the program.
Keywords: NET Manager; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; NET Manager
Downloads: 118
[software]Spices.Net - http://www.9rays.net/products/spices/index.htm
Offers obfuscation, decompilation and analysis if .NET assemblies.
Keywords: Spices.Net; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; Spices.Net
Downloads: 112 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]Net Activity Diagram - http://www.metaproducts.com/NAD.html
This tool monitors your Internet activity. It keeps track of the main Internet protocols and displays the amount of transferred data.
Keywords: Net Activity Diagram; Internet; Monitoring; Connection; net; activity; diagram
Downloads: 59
[software]PC Net Checker - http://www.comisoft.szm.sk/
This application checks the state of computers or TCP services on a local area network or the Internet.
Keywords: PC Net Checker; Internet; Monitoring; Network; pv net checker
Downloads: 48
[software]GetFramework.Net - http://www.getframework.net
During software installation, this program checks for the existence of the .NET Framework on client PCs, downloads it if it is not present, and then completes the installation.
Keywords: GetFramework.Net; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools; GetFramework.Net
Downloads: 64
[software]BigSpeed Net - http://www.bigspeed.net/index.php?page=bsnet
This program lets you set up a virtual private peer-to-peer network with friends or co-workers. It combines transparent data transfer encryption with highly optimized data transfer, on-the-fly compression, user level access control, and integrated secure messaging and chat. There is no need of a dedicated connection server; an ordinary POP3 e-mail account can be used. An intuitive Windows Explorer-like interface displays both the local and the remote file systems.
Keywords: BigSpeed Net; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; BigSpeed Net
Downloads: 81
[software]ItCan.Net Monitor - http://itcan.programmer.nl
This bandwidth analysis utility can monitor bandwidth use on your own computer or on the network to which it is attached. It offers multiple NIC support with graphical and textual display and will monitor TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic. It also provides bandwidth use totals per computer with use details per connection.
Keywords: ItCan.Net Monitor; Internet; Monitoring; Connection; ItCan.Net Monitor
Downloads: 197
[software]Armor2net Personal Firewall - http://www.armor2net.com
This personal firewall provides Internet security, privacy, pop-up blocking and spyware removal. It stops hackers and data thieves and protects your PC from Internet-borne threats. The firewall monitors all Internet connections to and from your computer to ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed and alerts you to attempted intrusions. You have the option to grant and deny access to Internet on a per-application basis, thus preventing worm, Trojan horse and spyware programs from hurting yo...
Keywords: Armor2net Personal Firewall; Internet; Security; Firewalls; armor2net; armor to net; armor 2 net
Downloads: 157
[software]NetGuru - http://www.global-rd.com/netguru
This connection monitoring tool displays the Internet data flow, detailed connection log file, calculates your Internet bill and has a powerful statistics tool.
Keywords: NetGuru; Internet; Monitoring; Connection; netguru; net guru
Downloads: 53
[software]NetIRC - http://www.pureali.8m.com/net.html
This IRC-based chat program supports multiple DCC, XDCC, multiple channel join, colors, text effects, ctcp commands and smartnick. You can also turn off whispers, URLs and explicit language.
Keywords: NetIRC; Internet; Communications; IRC; Net IRC
Downloads: 32
[software]NetLimiter - http://www.netlimiter.com
This program monitors applications that access the Internet and actively controls their Internet traffic. You can use it to set upload and download speed limits for applications or even a single connection. It allows you to share your Internet connection bandwidth between all running applications.
Keywords: NetLimiter; Internet; Monitoring; Internet; NetLimiter; Net Limiter
Downloads: 146
[software]ezbak.net - http://www.ezbak.com
This file sync tool lets you synchronize your important files on your laptop and home PC. The files sync over a networked PC. The program comes with free upgrades and support.
Keywords: ezbak.net; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; ezbak.net
Downloads: 12
[software]AppPanel Net Edition - http://www.apppanel.net
This tool monitors TCP/IP networks and initiates status and alarms when monitored devices do not respond to polling. It can notify you by SMS messages or e-mail. Monitor via SNMP, PING and port checks.
Keywords: AppPanel Net Edition; Internet; Monitoring; Network; MONITORING; SNMP; MRTG; NETWORK MONITOR; AppPanel Net Edition
Downloads: 32
[software]1st ZipCommander Net - http://www.zipcommander.com
This Internet browser supports 10 windows with switching between different pages. You can set up 10+1 homepages and search pages, create link groups, and FTP upload and download files. All 10 pages can download simultaneously. You can also control Web pages that open new windows automatically.
Keywords: 1st ZipCommander Net; Internet; Web browsers and tools; Tabbed browsers; 1st ZipCommander Net
Downloads: 140
[software]Select-a-Net - http://www.select-a-net.com/
This utility manages multiple network and Web browser configurations. You can use a configuration file created on one computer to initialize the network and browser settings on another computer. The program can be optionally run in the Windows system tray, and it can back up your current network and browser settings.
Keywords: Select-a-Net; Internet; Network administration; IP tools; Select-a-Net
Downloads: 21
[software]Snackster.net - http://www.snackster.net
This peer-to-peer recipe sharing program is dedicated only to cooking.
Keywords: Snackster.net; System and utilities; Hobby and leisure; Food and beverage; snackster; snackster.net; cbk
Downloads: 39
[software]BlockNote for the Net - http://blocknote.net
This program helps you edit your Web documents in a WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to create and edit tables, and insert images, hyperlinks and lists. You can also change text formatting attributes including fonts, sizes and colors. It helps you send your documents via e-mail in rich HTML format and allows you to print your HTML documents. You can export documents to PDF format and it includes spellchecking, and undo and redo functions...
Keywords: BlockNote for the Net; Internet; Web building tools; Visual and WYSIWYG editors; BlockNote for the Net
Downloads: 22
[software]MoRUN.net Sticker - http://www.morun.net
This is a desktop sticky notes organizer. You can create, edit and print sticky notes using different fonts and colors, set alarms and note expiration times for any note, attach files or URLs to notes, associate notes with files and modify note settings. It supports hotkeys and you can lock your notes. You can import TXT and RTF files to notes and save notes in TXT, RTF, JPG or BMP formats. It provides three security levels and encryption.
Keywords: MoRUN.net Sticker; Business; Personal information managers; Notes and journals; MoRUN.net Sticker; Sticker
Downloads: 12
[software]Word Net - http://www.mswnet.com
This program lets you use Microsoft Word to create a Web site. Click "publish," and your Word document becomes a live Web site with an address in the form: www.yourchoice.mswnet.com.
Keywords: Word Net; Business; MS-Office add-ons; MS-Word; Word Net
Downloads: 42
[software]MYweb4net Browser - http://www.mybrowser.web4net.net/en/
This tabbed, multiple-site browser can run in the system tray. It supports a pop-up killer, skinned frames, a form filler, auto-login, online translation and script error suppression.
Keywords: MYweb4net Browser; Internet; Web browsers and tools; Web browsers; MYweb4net Browser
Downloads: 78
[software]X2Net SmartBoard - http://www.x2net.com
This is a multi-user clipboard extender. It captures everything that passes through the clipboard as you copy and paste in all applications; stores regularly used data; and makes it easy to categorize, find and retrieve data. Scripting capability and rule processing allow you to extend its functionality.
Keywords: X2Net SmartBoard; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; X2Net SmartBoard
Downloads: 54
[software]LanFlow Net Diagrammer - http://www.pacestar.com/lanflow/index.html
This is a drawing tool for laying out, designing and documenting a network, LAN, Internet or other communications system. You can add components like computers, workstations and servers and connect in various ways. Choose your components from the built-in symbols, clip-art and icons, or add your own using any Windows metafile, bitmap or JPEG. You can enter explanatory text at any location, using a grid that helps you keep your work symmetrical and aligned...
Keywords: LanFlow Net Diagrammer; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; Lan Flow Net Diagrammer
Downloads: 117
[software]Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom - http://www.eduiq.com/netmon.htm
This program provides a view of a remote computer monitor, which is connected to the network. The program can be used on networks that use the TCP/IP protocol. After startup, the program displays the windows of all remote computers. A teacher also has the ability to send a message to the students' computers. Teachers can block remote computers at any time.
Keywords: Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom; Internet; Monitoring; User; Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom
Downloads: 48
[software]X2Net Smart Address - http://www.x2net.com/smartaddress
This program provides contact management for single or multiple users across both local and wide area networks. It supports contact tracking, calendars, personalized mail-shots and e-mails, task management, custom report designer for listings, labels or envelopes, alarms, searching and filtering, and document linkage.
Keywords: X2Net Smart Address; Business; Personal information managers; Address books; X2Net Smart Address
Downloads: 52
[software]WinTools.net Professional - http://www.wintools.net/
This is a suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. The Clean Uninstaller tool is used for both correctly removing software and for monitoring changes made to the hard drive, MS Windows registry and system files during program installations. The Scan Files tool is used for periodically cleaning your hard drive of dead references, junk and obsolete files produced by different software...
Keywords: WinTools.net Professional; System and utilities; OS management; System maintenance; Win Tools net
Downloads: 130
[software]ASP.NET Maker - http://www.hkvstore.com/aspnetmaker
This code generator creates a full set of ASP.NET Programs from your data source. Supported databases includes Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity. ASP.NET Maker is equipped with drill-down master/detail view, security, field aggregation, and integration with CSS and Visual Studio .NET.
Keywords: ASP.NET Maker; Internet; Web building tools; ASP; ASP.NET Maker
Downloads: 105
[software]X2Net WebCompiler - http://www.x2net.com
This HTML compiler produces EXE files for distribution from groups of HTML pages. It offers built-in searching, favorites and history management, page protection, passwords, kiosk mode and form processing. It also offers a built-in installer/uninstaller and encryption. It supports scripting, plug-ins, cookies and Flash.
Keywords: X2Net WebCompiler; Internet; Web building tools; Compressors and compilers; X2Net WebCompiler
Downloads: 39
[software]NetExec - http://www.netexec.de
This is a multi-session extension for Windows NT and Windows 2000. It lets you log on to a system with multiple accounts at the same time. Using the CustomClient-Creator AddOn, you can let your users run selected applications as administrators without telling them the passwords.
Keywords: NetExec; System and utilities; Security; User management; netexec; net exec
Downloads: 15
[software]Media Universe x Net - http://www.mediauniverse.net
This is a CD and DVD organizer with CDDB support. It includes a chat module with file sharing capabilities, parallel search, loan control, categories, database optimization, and HTML export, as well as CD playlist generator for both WinAmp and BSPlayer.
Keywords: Media Universe x Net; Multimedia; Audio; Audio organizers; Media Universe
Downloads: 149
[software]Netkeys ULTRA - http://softappco.com
This program provides online privacy and parental controls, firewall and virus protection, e-mail blocking for POP3 and Web e-mail, program time and password controls, internet cloaking, and a cookie scrambler. It records everything, including hidden Internet activity, file transfers, connections and spyware.
Keywords: Netkeys ULTRA; Internet; Security; Parental control; netkeys; net; keys
Downloads: 54
[software]PenguiNet - http://www.siliconcircus.com
This program supports SSH1 and SSH2, and is capable of SCP in a Windows Explorer-style interface. It also includes configurable color schemes, window switching bar, input bar (a buffer used before sending text to the host) and a UNIX format public key generation. The SCP now supports recursive transfers. Note: Applications that allow the end-user to encrypt their own data must meet the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) requirements as described here.
Keywords: PenguiNet; Internet; Network protocols; SSH; PenguiNet; Pengui Net
Downloads: 119
[software]NetTerm - http://www.securenetterm.com
This is a telnet client that supports ZModem, XModem and Kermit. It also provides FTP functions and many terminal emulations for the VT-52, VT-100, VT-102, VT-220, VT-320, ANSI,ANSI-BBS, SCO-ANSI, QNX-2, IBM-3101, IBM-3151, IBM-3161, IBM-3163, IBM FTTERM, Televideo 925, Wyse 50 and the Nixdolf BA-80 terminals. It also offers bulletin board support and tools to resolve host names to IP address and finger sites.
Keywords: NetTerm; Internet; Network protocols; Terminal emulation; NetTerm; net; term
Downloads: 281
[software]SNetGuard - http://www.yaleisoft.com
This allows you to block any specific URL, domain name or type of file. It records your browsing habits and eliminates all unwanted correspondence. It can block IP addresses and pop-ups, and the program stores logs of every blocked action.
Keywords: SNetGuard; Internet; Monitoring; Internet; snet; guard; s; net
Downloads: 86
[software]GuruNet - http://www.gurunet.com/page.pl
With a single click on any word, this program delivers real-time reference data, including dictionary and encyclopedia terms, thesaurus, acronyms, technical terms, company descriptions, stock quotes, news, sports, weather and maps. Search results appear in a pop-up window. Enter your topic or alt-click any word or phrase to bring up a definition or snapshot description.
Keywords: GuruNet; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; GuruNet; Guru Net
Downloads: 200
[software]NetScanTools - http://www.netscantools.com
This collection of Internet utilities includes automated research of IPs, hosts, domains, e-mails and URLs with HTML reports. It also includes ping, traceroute, WhoIs with automatic server selection, port scanner, ping sweep scanner, RBL check, Time Sync, Finger, Ident Server, NetBIOS Info, Daytime, Quote, Chargen, Echo, Winsock Info, Services and Protocols database checks, Telnet-like Terminal, and a safe text URL Capture tool.
Keywords: NetScanTools; Internet; Network protocols; Grouped applications; NetScanTools; Net Scan Tools
Downloads: 113
[software]NetProxy - http://www.grok.co.uk/netproxy/
This tool lets you provide simultaneous Internet access to multiple network users with only one Internet connection. It supports protocols including HTTP, secure HTTP, RealPlayer and RTSP, FTP, Telnet, SMTP POP3, SOCKS and port mapping. It also includes full access logging functionality, dial-on-demand and a configurable firewall.
Keywords: NetProxy; Internet; Servers; Proxy; WINGATE; SHARE; SERVER; PROXY; FIREWALL; SHARING; FIREWALLS; WINROUTE; WINPROXY; net; proxy; netproxy; net proxy
Downloads: 206
[software]CodeCharge Studio - http://www.codecharge.com/
This program allows you to visually create database-driven Web applications without coding. It supports virtually all databases, Web servers and Web technologies.
Downloads: 94
[software]3D Developer Studio for Visual C Sharp .NET - http://www.3dstate.com
This program adds 3D capabilities to your Microsoft Visual C# .NET.
Keywords: 3D Developer Studio for Visual C Sharp .NET; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; 3D Developer Studio for Visual C .NET
Downloads: 258
[software]3D Developer Studio for Visual Basic .NET - http://www.3DSTATE.com
This program adds 3D capabilities to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.
Keywords: 3D Developer Studio for Visual Basic .NET; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; 3D Developer Studio for Visual Basic .NET
Downloads: 364
[software]1st Up Net Proxy Server - http://www.upland-research.com
This is a proxy server that brings the internet to your networked machines over a single connection. It includes support for WWW, SOCKS4/5, SMTP, POP3, FTP and NNTP. It also provides monitoring and blocking functions. You can specify allowed sites, blocked sites, disallowed words and limit the times internet connections are allowed.
Keywords: 1st Up Net Proxy Server; Internet; Servers; Proxy; proxy; server; 1st; up; net; web; internet; access; monitoring; filtering; url; blocking; mail; news
Downloads: 217
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